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Take and bake

  • Heat-and-Serve Entrees

    All our 26 oz. heat-and-serve entrees are packaged for your convenience and available at the Eden Meat Market without notice. If you are looking for larger quantities, please call ahead and order any quantity, and we will make it fresh to order.

  • BBQ Beef


    Shredded beef roast, seasoned and mixed with BBQ sauce.

  • BBQ Pork


    Shredded pork shoulder meat, seasoned and mixed with BBQ sauce. Frozen in 26 oz containers.

  • Beef and Gravy


    Tender slices of lean beef with gravy. Also available shredded.

  • Chicken a la King


    Chicken, peppers, mushrooms and pimentos in a cream sauce.

  • Chicken and Gravy


    Shredded white and dark chicken meat with gravy.

  • Gyro Meat

  • Pork and Gravy


    Slices of lean pork roasts with gravy. Also available shredded.

  • Shredded BBQ Chicken


    Tender, shredded chicken meat with BBQ sauce.

  • Sloppy Joes


    Homemade sloppy joes with ground beef, onions, peppers and celery.

  • Southwest Shredded Chicken


    Shredded chicken, seasoned with Mexican spices. Great for tacos, enchiladas and nachos.

  • Spicy Shredded Buffalo Chicken


    Shredded white and dark chicken meat mixed with our homemade buffalo sauce.

  • Swiss Steak


    Lean beef cuts, tenderized, seasoned, oven-roasted and coated with gravy.

  • Taco Meat


    Spicy, seasoned taco meat. Makes approximately 8–10 standard size tacos.

  • Tender Tips and Mushroom Gravy


    Tender beef tips with mushrooms in a creamy beef gravy.

  • Turkey and Gravy


    Slices of white and dark turkey meat with gravy between every slice. Also available shredded.

  • Heat-and-Serve Meals

  • BBQ Baby Back Ribs


    Extremely Popular! A full rack of back ribs, grilled and slow roasted. Individually vacuum-sealed and guaranteed tender.

  • BBQ Spare Ribs


    A whole rack of spare ribs, split, slow roasted and BBQed.

  • Beef and Bean Burrito


    Seasoned ground beef and refried bean burritos. Perfect for anyone in a hurry. Cook in the microwave from the freezer for 2 min and it is ready to eat!

  • Chicken and Cheese Burrito


    Shredded, grilled chicken and cheddar cheese burrito. Perfect for anyone in a hurry. Cook in the microwave from the freezer for 2 min and it is ready to eat!

  • Grilled Country Ribs


    Marinated, seasoned, grilled and slow roasted until tender. Covered with BBQ sauce and ready to reheat.

  • Homemade Meatloaf


    Ready for your oven. Lean, seasoned ground chuck and onions topped with a sweet tomato sauce. 32 oz.

  • Michigan Pasties


    Seasoned beef tips, potatoes, onions and rutabagas stuffed in a homemade crust.

  • Slow-Roasted Prime Rib-boneless


    Seasoned boneless prime rib, slow cooked to medium rare. Call ahead to order.

  • Mac N Cheese

  • BBQ Pork Mac N Cheese

  • Buffalo Chicken Mac N Cheese

  • Creamy Mac N Cheese

  • Hot Dog Mac N Cheese