We love fulfilling our orders for beef sides!  Unfortunately, our fire on November 3, 2022 has limited us to completing these orders.  Our Eden Grill restaurant has converted part of it’s commercial kitchen into a state inspected cutting room.  With the lack of room for all the equipment necessary, we are without a band saw to cut these sides of beef down.  Updates will be given throughout this whole process, thanks so much to our customers!

We’re committed to providing exceptional products and services to the best of our ability.

We very much appreciate your business and continued support.

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  • Sides and Quarters of Beef

  • Beef Mini Side


    Average weight: 185–200 lbs.

  • Beef Short Loin


    Average weight: 20–24 lbs.

  • Beef Side


    Average weight: 370–400 lbs.

  • Front Quarter


    Average weight: 180– 210 lbs.

  • Hind Quarter


    Average weight: 170–200 lbs.

  • Whole Ribeye Loin


    Average weight: 14–16 lbs.