• Fish

    • Canadian Walleye


      6–8 oz. fillets.

    • Grouper


      These wild caught natural cut grouper filets have a firm texture and a mild taste.  Each filet is 4-6 ounces.  Ideal to batter and deep fry, pan fry or excellent blackened.

    • Icelandic Cod


      5 lb. package.

    • Icelandic Cod


      Less than 5 lb. package

    • Icelandic Haddock


      5 lb. package.

    • Icelandic Haddock


      Less than 5 lb. package.

    • Lake Perch

    • Mahi Mahi


      South American 6 oz boneless, skinless Mahi Mahi.  The meat is lean and fairly firm in texture with large moist flakes.  Excellent for grilling, pan frying or in a stir fry.  Season the portions with blackening seasoning and quickly grill.  Serve with fresh lemon slices.

    • New Zealand Orange Roughy


      Wild-caught, these chemical-free, boneless, skinless orange roughy filets have a mild flavor, pearly white flesh and large flaked meat.  Each filet ranges in weight, approximately 6-8 ounces and cooks up to an opaque white color and holds up well after baking or frying.

    • Skinless Norwegian Salmon


      Farm-raised, Norwegian Atlantic salmon portions are of exceptional quality and have a mild, consistent flavor that is not as rich as wild salmon.  Boneless and deep-skinned, these are once frozen 8 oz portions.

    • Swordfish


      8 oz. fillets.

    • Wild Keta Salmon


      Keta salmon filets are a delicious, center of the plate option.  Grill salmon with basil butter, create rosemary-broiled Alaskan salmon, or classic poached Alaskan salmon with creamy dill dressing.  8 oz portions

    • Yellowfin Tuna


      These quality, boneless, skinless yellowfin tuna steaks are chemical free and untreated, allowing for the natural brown color of the tuna.  Each steak weighs approximately 6 oz.  Just brush with olive oil and sprinkle with seasoning.  Best served medium to medium rare.  Grill or broil quickly to seal in juices.