• Chicken

    • Chicken Breast Fajita Strips


      Tender strips of chicken seasoned and marinated in fajita sauce made with chili peppers, cumin and lime juice.

    • Chicken Breast Variety Box


      Contains 24 total breasts, 2 of each flavor. Save more than $5.00 off regular retail price.

    • Cut-Up Frying Chickens


      Average weight: 3–4 lbs.

    • Ground Chicken – Dark Meat


      Frozen 1 lb. packages.

    • Jumbo Chicken Wings


      Choose from original, rotisserie, garlic parmesan, asiago jalapeno bacon or maple smokehouse.

    • Roasting Chicken


      Average weight: 5–6 lbs. Call for availability.

    • Smoked Chicken

      Temporarily Unavailable

      Average weight: 2–3 lbs. Cured and smoked in our original block smokehouses. Call to reserve.

    • Whole Frying Chickens


      Average weight: 3–4 lbs.