• Beef Steaks

    • Bacon-Wrapped Tenderloin Steak


      Cut fresh to order, wrapped with our own pit-smoked bacon.

    • Beef Tenderloin Kabobs


      Skewers of beef tenderloin, onion and mushrooms. Call ahead to order.

    • Boneless Sirloin Steaks


      Center-cut, top sirloin steak.

    • Chuck Eye Steaks

    • Chuck Steak


      Boneless chuck steak.

    • Flank Steak


      Individually vacuum-sealed frozen steak. Average weight: 3–4 lbs.

    • French Onion Sirloin Steak


      Center-cut sirloins marinated in our French onion blend.

    • Kansas City Steak


      Bone-in New York strip steak.

    • New York Strip Steak

    • Porterhouse Steak

    • Rib Steak


      Bone-in ribeye steak. Call for availability.

    • Ribeye


      Our most popular steak! Ideal thickness is 1 inch. Or try it thin sliced for a delicious sandwich.

    • Round Steak Boneless


      Steak from the inside round.

    • Sirloin – Center Cut


      Center-cut, boneless top sirloin steak.

    • Sizzler Steak


      Bottom sirloin steak also known as a ball tip steak.

    • Steer Tenderloin Medallions


      End-cut USDA choice steer tenderloin.

    • Steer Tenderloin Steaks


      Aged and tender USDA choice steer tenderloin.

    • T-Bone Steak

    • Tenderized Round Steak


      Perfect for making Swiss steak.

    • Tenderized Tenderloin

      $4.99 each

      Frozen 5 oz. steak.

    • Tenderloin – Whole


      Average weight 3–4 lbs.

    • Tenderloin Steaks


      Cut fresh to order.