• Specialty venison items

    • Venison Bacon


      Venison trimmings, pork trimmings, bacon and other seasonings are ground and lightly smoked to perfection. 1 pound of venison gets you 2 pounds of venison bacon. Wrapped in 1 lb. packages.

    • Venison Meat Loaf


      1 lb. of venison trimmings make one 2 lb. homemade meatloaf. Each loaf, topped with a sweet sauce, is individually vacuum sealed. Baking instructions provided.

    • Venison Pot Pie


      2 lbs. of venison. Whole muscle meat makes three pot pies. Potatoes, carrots, gravy and venison are put into a homemade crust to make a delicious meal. Two servings per pot pie.

    • Venison Sloppy Joes


      Homemade sloppy joes with onions, celery and green pepper. Can be made out of your venison trimmings. One pound of venison trimmings makes two pounds of sloppy joes.

    • Venison Stew


      Peas, carrots and potatoes along with venison tips and gravy make for a complete meal all in one package. 1 lb. of venison makes a 2.25 lbs. container.